Faces in the Train

I always bring a sketch book with me. It is like a friend where I gather my thoughts and feelings. Going to work every morning the sketchbook always gives me a warm sense of a good start of a day. When possible some amazing people allow me to capture their spirits.

I will post here my almost daily sketches when possible. After all, I am a busy single mom working full-time.

I hope you enjoy.


I want to develop this sketch into a litho painting.  After a visit to an exposition of the work of Chagall, I was impressed with litho. Chagall litho work combined with a simple sketch is amazing in its elegance and simplicity.

Being bored… is all that this painting is about. I sense an Era where Art in itself is a copy of a copy. No new ideas, at least subversive and positive one, are emerging at the moment. It is an Era of commodity, war, fake progress and security. Hate and conflict based on bigoty are everywhere instead of creativity and development. Displacement and the sense of frustration are what this painting is about…


This gentleman as a true gentleman!






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