My invisible friend…the daily sketches on the train.

After my children are in bed and while doing the dishes I always like to think of writing and putting together my loose images that I have sketched in between trains.

These sketches are a way of communication between me and my ideas, feelings, experiences and worries of an ever complex world where uninterested reasons are less and less valued. So I share them with you as a way of making sense of this ever increasing impersonal world.

The mother and her child in a paradise that seems to be disappearing. Where nature is less and less present with the substitutes of a metal heart. Forgetting all the demanded rules I can finally be happy by dreaming.


Tumbulina gets crashed in between legs and little space. Holding back the position she can see the image a bit better leaving the busy world for others.
Hurry up Tumbulina! Like a bee… but I am not a bee. I am Tumbulina!


The lady with the iPad was kind enough, I surely enjoyed to draw her. Pity, she didn’t have a book instead.


Summer is coming and I am ready for it!


Freedom is dying. She doesn’t earn enough money to be seen as a person I am afraid!


You and me… you look at the sky and fly even if it is raining. Your song makes me keep going little bird.


Just get another one and all will be okay. Discard, discard…


Faces are better with flowers! They are flowers opening for the world.


Tomorrow I might find more treasures somewhere and ideas that will become paintings.


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